Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anything New Lately?

So I know I haven't posted any new art in a little while, but it's not because I haven't been working on anything! 
A family friend asked me to do a painting for her.  She had this painting in her home for over 20 years that she loves in a lot of ways, but wanted it sort of re-done and on a smaller canvas.  She loves the scene, but there's too much pink in it.  Here's the original. 
Right now I'm working on a smaller version on a 16x20" canvas, so it's even a different format. I'm using a lot of blues and blue-violets in my version and I made the moon much larger.  I'll post the final version when I'm finished. 

I'm also working on my very first Etsy sale!  I'm so excited for this.  I got an order to do a watercolor painting of a bridal bouquet.  The guy wants to give it to his wife for their anniversary.  I'm so glad I decided to put bouquet paintings in my shop because I love painting flowers and this is a good way to make some money doing it!  Can't wait to post my final results from these two paintings!