Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Slacker's Guide to Making Art

Hi Everyone,
I'm so sorry I have been slow with the daisy painting demo. I promise I haven't forgotten about it! I painted a little more since my last post, but only about half of one flower lol. I will get it done, but maybe not for a little while. 

Life has been crazy this year, this is my boyfriend's final semester of medical school here in Krakow, he's graduating in less than two weeks!! We are moving to Scotland this summer, where he will be starting residency. Yay to finally making some money lol!! So we've been busy trying to figure out all these details, plus his family is coming to town for graduation, and then we're going on vacation with them. I've been slowly working on the daisies, even though I probably should have been working on the other two commissions I got before I came back to Poland.  I have to admit though, I was a little burned out from all the commissions at home and needed to paint something for myself. But a combination of lazy and other things needing to be done has put my art on the back burner. 

The other commissions I'm starting are for my best friend's sister for her wedding present and my neighbor who I did the dog and horse painting for.  My neighbor wants me to paint his barn, he has a photo he or his wife took just before sunrise with the moon still out.  I got the basic sketch done, and now I need to grid it, enlarge it and get it on the watercolor paper. (I'm doing a watercolor instead of acrylic painting this time).  

The second one for my friend is more complicated. (I won't reveal too much now, in case she's reading this. ;-) She knows it's coming, she just doesn't know exactly what it will look like yet). I don't have a photo to work from, just a theme and setting that she would like. So I have to hunt through all sorts of photos online to get ideas to totally make up a setting and place the figures in it. Then, with a combination of random photo sources, I need to make up the setting, make sure the lighting, perspective and all the figures are consistent and work together in my final piece without looking choppy. No sweat, right? lol. I'm excited though, I have a general scene now and it's going to be fun to paint. Of course I will post when I finish and have given it to her. 

That is about all for now, I will of course post updates on my work as I go. Happy Spring!