Self Portrait, Watercolor crayon on paper. 11"x14"

Portrait of a Cat (My cat, Shinobi) Acrylic on Canvas, 2"x3"

Turkish Mountain, Acrylic on canvas. 3"x4"

Wilting Flower, Pencil on Bristol board. 9"x12"

Wilting Flower II, Colored Pencil on Bristol board. 9"x12"

Wide Open, Pencil on bristol board. 9"x12"

Patara Rose, Pencil on Bristol Board. 9"x12"

Patara Rose II, Watercolor on paper. 11"x14"

Patara Rose III, Watercolor on board. 4"x4"

Plumeria Bunch, Acrylic on 8 mini canvases.

Daisy, Acrylic on canvas 2"x4"

Wedding Bouquet, Watercolor on Paper 9"x12"

Dasiy, Colored Pencil on Bristol paper, 9"x9"

Pansy, Watercolor on board. 4"x4"

Tulip, Watercolor on board. 4"x4"

Wilting Rose, Acrylic on canvas, 8"x10

Dancing Tulip, Watercolor on Paper, roughly 5"x8"

Zinnias, Watercolor on Paper, 11"x14

Mexican Sun, Watercolor on Paper, about 10"x10

Crazy Daisies, Watercolor on Paper. 11"x15"

Fancy Frangipani, Watercolor on Paper. 9"x12"

The Unsinkable Titanic, Pen and Ink on Paper. I forget the actual size, cut down a bit from a 16"x20" sheet of bristol paper. 

Siege of the Castle, Pen and Ink on paper. Roughly 9"x12"

City of Krakow, Polska. Acrylic on Canvas. 

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