Friday, March 30, 2012

Finished Flower

I finished the small 3"x5" acrylic daisy!  I am not able to get a very good picture of it, I've taken so many and NONE show the background color accurately.  It's much more violet than blue.  The top left corner is straight out of the tube prism violet and the rest of the background is a blue violet color, not just blue. I wish you could see it in person, I don't love these photos:
 This one is too dark ^^^ and this one is too washed out vvvv
But you get the idea :) Meanwhile I'm still working on the watercolor and colored pencil daisies. I'll post pics of them when I'm finished! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Works In Progress

I've been working on a few different pieces, all different sizes and mediums, but one common theme.  I love gerbera daisies and I have a lot of pictures I've taken of my own flowers that I'm using for reference. I have a larger (well, large for me) watercolor 11"x15", a small 3"x5" acrylic on canvas and a 6"x6" colored pencil on bristol paper. Here are a few shots of the watercolor in progress:

I love this picture! I'm having so much fun painting this, and I love the angle of it, the "worm's eye view". It's a little more of an unusual viewpoint, which I think makes the painting more interesting. The unpainted left flower will be yellow. I'm a little worried about the background, I'm not sure what to do yet. I like the idea of a dark, almost black, background to make the bright flowers pop and create a lot of drama but then I don't want to overwhelm with so much dark. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome!
This one above is my little 3x5 acrylic on canvas. This painting is going to be bright all over, the background is going to be blues and violets (a little darker in value than the flower, so it pops). I don't usually use a lot of complimentary colors together because I'm just not a fan of those combos, but yellows and purples are nice together. Other complimentary color combos, like red and green is too Christmas-y, blue and orange is too NY Mets (I'm not a a sports fan). Maybe different shades of blue and orange would be ok, just not that dark primary blue. Anyway, getting off topic a bit ;)
This is the 6"x6" colored pencil.  Obviously all I have so far is the outline drawing.  This daisy is going to be pink. I'll post some more updates soon! :)

Monday, March 12, 2012


So I've been trying to work more from life than from photographs when I can, it's good practice.  When I have fresh flowers, I always think, "I have to do something with these before they start to wilt!", but that rarely ever happens. But lately I have been drawing some of my flowers after they've started wilting and it's kind of fun, and makes an interesting sketch. This was a yellow gerbera daisy, one of my favorite kinds of flowers. (Ok I have a lot of favorite kinds of flowers, I just really love all of them!) I sketched it in pencil as it sat in an old blue wine bottle I use as a vase.
This next one I did last week, I had been given a potted flower plant for my birthday and it had started to die. (It's even more dead now, no matter that I keep it watered and sitting in the window. Potted plants just always die on me *sniff*). I used colored pencil on this one.
This plant was very funny, because the night my friend gave it to me, we were at a restaurant to celebrate my birthday. When she handed it to me, all three flowers were just buds. But every time I would look at it, one of the buds seemed to be opening up really fast. By the time we left, maybe 2 hours later, that one bud was fully open and I was afraid it was almost going to die, start wilting right there. Of the other 2 buds, one was open a bit and the last was still a bud. I've never seen a flower bloom so quickly! I wanted to draw this because I loved the way the leaves were all twisting and turning and curving around each other and I loved the gorgeous bright spring green they were. The flowers petals were also fun to sketch. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspired by Strathmore workshop...

Hi Everyone,
It's been a while since I've posted on here! I've been playing around with some mixed media stuff and some watercolors and watching the video workshops Strathmore has put out and have really enjoyed them so far. The first workshop was open in January and the second one opened this month. The first workshop was mixed media and faces called "Doodles Unleashed".  I've forgotten how much fun it is just to doodle and draw stylized faces. I haven't done that since grammar school days, doodling away in my notebooks (and of course getting in trouble for it). 
 I bought one of the Strathmore Visual Journals in mixed media, size 5.5"x8". For the background I first took a large brush and just plopped down some turquoise watercolor. I then mixed turquoise blue watercolor with some blue and violet pearlescent liquid acrylic ink in a spray bottle and sprayed the paper so it has a bit of a sparkle in the light. I took some scraps of lace (I worked in a bridal salon and we have in-house alterations. There's a scrap box with the fabrics they cut off when they hem dresses. So many great pieces of lace!!) and laid it down on the paper and sprayed again so there was a subtle lacy patten. I then drew my girl in pencil and the flowers behind her. I wanted to do all the flowers in just writing (like the one next to her head) but it was getting a bit tedious. I wrote lyrics to Eric Clapton's "Change the World" (just because I love that song and it was playing while I was making this). There is really no special meaning to any of this, just playing and having fun. I enjoyed drawing the birds flying out of the wisps of whatever that is coming out of her hand and playing with her hair with those shades of blue and purple. I really need to draw more faces, it was too much fun :) Other supplies I used were micron pens and Caran D'Ache watercolor crayons.
I also played around with drawing some octopus' (octopii?) just because I love drawing them too.  Their arms (legs? tentacles??) are fun to draw and they're just really interesting creatures. 
 This one is more pearlescent liquid acrylic ink, gouache (opaque watercolor) and micron pen outlining the octopus. This was more playing with backgrounds, playing with the acrylic ink. I just love this guy :)
This one I mixed up the background with blues and oranges. I splashed down some golden crimson watercolor and then took that blue mixture I mentioned before and a swirly cardstock template and sprayed it, so it left behind this blue, shimmery pattern, which reminded me of octopus legs (tentacles? arms?) so I went to town with more octopii just doodling and having fun. The little black guys were done with a micron brush pen while the alien octopus with the hat wad just a regular micron pen. The large blue guy is acrylic. The little guy in the top left corner I saw on the internet somewhere and I loved how cute and simple he was so I copied him and the one on the bottom is my own, as well as the one with the top hat. Hope you enjoyed my doodling! :)