Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day Job vs Make art all day

One of the best things about being back in Poland after 4 months of being home in the States is no more day job! (Until I go back home anyway..). All summer long at work, all I did was day dream about all the art I wanted to do and would rather be doing than trying to convince people to buy dresses and answering the endless broken record of questions such as, "Does this dress come in any other colors?" "Do I have to pay for alterations?" "Are these dresses 'off the rack'?" "How long does it take to come in?"  Ok, these are perfectly legitimate questions to ask, but I wish I could have just taped a sign to my head with the answers so I didn't have to listen on repeat all day long. 
The best days though, were days I was back in the alterations room helping press and steam dresses. I didn't have to answer any questions or deal with the general public. Honestly, my ideal job is one with very minimal customer contact. I'm not overly social (not that I'm anti-social though, :) but talking to people all day is just not my thing. I liked being back there where I could just steam wrinkles of the dresses, which to me was pretty soothing. I don't mind ironing. And of course, plenty of time to daydream about all the art I wanted to make :)

So now that I am back in Poland, I have several projects in the works. I have 2 paintings sketched out for watercolors, one started the other just hanging out on my desk saying, "Don't forget about me!" and several more ideas still churning around in my head.  I have also made a few pieces out of polymer clay that I want to turn into earrings and bracelets, my first attempt to make some kind of wearable jewelry.  (I will post pictures of these items when they are more complete).  The only problem is, with the day job I got a paycheck. Making art all day makes me much much happier, but also makes me more broke, as in no paycheck. I need to turn that around, don't ya think?? ;-) 

Well, back to my watercolors. I hope to finish one in the next few days and I'll put it up for you to see :)

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