Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some New Art

I finished another watercolor painting of a rose. Again, I tried to be loose with the paint but it seems a little overworked to me. Oh well, just keep painting :) 

This particular rose is from a hotel where we stayed in Patara, Turkey, last spring.  It's a small place with a garden of beautiful flowers all over.  Since I love to draw flowers, I'm always taking pictures of them to use for reference later. I took so many pictures of the flowers there, but this rose is by far my favorite, and I've drawn it several times. I'll probably draw it some more :)

This is the first piece I did of the Patara Rose. It's a 4x4" watercolor on board. I was going for a woodcut effect with this one, since my other love is printmaking. (Well, what art medium don't I love, really? ;-)  I actually have 4 of these little boards with flowers painted on them with the same kind of woodcut effect. I can post them another time. 

The second drawing I did of the rose is this above, H pencil drawing on 9x12 bristol board.  I wanted it as light and delicate as it looks in life.  I didn't use any blending techniques for this, just layered pencil strokes.  Several layers of darker strokes for the shadowed areas, and feather light strokes for the light and highlighted areas. 
This is from my sketchbook. It's not a finished piece.  I was just playing around, drawing it really fast then playing around with colored pencils. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my roses :)

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