Friday, December 2, 2011

Woodcut Watercolors

Here is another little series I did of some more flowers. I had recently gotten the Painter program (similar to Photoshop or Illustrator, but this is the program I had learned at school in my one forced computer art class I had to take as an art major. I'm not good with computers and don't like making art on them, I'm not interested in learning a whole program and clickity clicking all day. Ugh. I failed the stupid class the first time and had to take it again. Imagine my horror when my first college semester's report card read like this: A, A, A, A, F. Grrr...anyway.) I got the program because I thought it could come in useful once in a while for cropping and editing, etc. I was playing around with it one day and found the option to make a photo look like a woodcut. I love printmaking, and woodcuts are one of my favorite types of prints. I decided to play around with some of my flower photos and turn them into "woodcuts" and then make paintings from them. I had a few small 4"x4" panels to use for the series, and I used watercolor to paint them. This is the first one I did:

I did this by first painting the flower like I normally would without the black. After the flower was painted, I added in all the black outlining and details. The second painting I did was a blue or blue-violet pansy. In the spring, summer and fall here in Krakow, there are a lot of planted flowers around the mall (Galeria). In the spring last year, there were pansies and I went out one day and took a ton of pictures of them. I picked out this one and used the same process as the above, painted the flower normally and added the black woodcut effect last.
The last one I did was one you've seen before in a previous post about my Patara Rose :) 
Hope you enjoyed my little woodcut watercolor paintings!

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