Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Works In Progress

I've been working on a few different pieces, all different sizes and mediums, but one common theme.  I love gerbera daisies and I have a lot of pictures I've taken of my own flowers that I'm using for reference. I have a larger (well, large for me) watercolor 11"x15", a small 3"x5" acrylic on canvas and a 6"x6" colored pencil on bristol paper. Here are a few shots of the watercolor in progress:

I love this picture! I'm having so much fun painting this, and I love the angle of it, the "worm's eye view". It's a little more of an unusual viewpoint, which I think makes the painting more interesting. The unpainted left flower will be yellow. I'm a little worried about the background, I'm not sure what to do yet. I like the idea of a dark, almost black, background to make the bright flowers pop and create a lot of drama but then I don't want to overwhelm with so much dark. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome!
This one above is my little 3x5 acrylic on canvas. This painting is going to be bright all over, the background is going to be blues and violets (a little darker in value than the flower, so it pops). I don't usually use a lot of complimentary colors together because I'm just not a fan of those combos, but yellows and purples are nice together. Other complimentary color combos, like red and green is too Christmas-y, blue and orange is too NY Mets (I'm not a a sports fan). Maybe different shades of blue and orange would be ok, just not that dark primary blue. Anyway, getting off topic a bit ;)
This is the 6"x6" colored pencil.  Obviously all I have so far is the outline drawing.  This daisy is going to be pink. I'll post some more updates soon! :)


  1. I absolutly LOVE your watercolors you have come so fun. There Amazing you should enter them into the contest the Watercolor Mag. has!