Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finished Plumeria Watercolor

Well, it's done!  Cluster of Plumeria, 9"x12. Watercolor on paper.  

I had a lot of enthusiasm for this painting when I started it, but by the time I got to those leaves at the bottom, I think I was a little tired of it.  I painted this using a photo reference I found on the internet.  Maybe I just can't wait to go to Hawaii and get my own photo references of these gorgeous flowers.  Maui in T-3 months and 24 days.  I cannot wait to get there!!!! 

In the meantime...here's another recent watercolor painting I did of some plumeria. This is about 5"x7" ish....I made a wedding card for some friends a few months back and I painted this inside.  The photo isn't very good, sorry about that. It does look nicer in person.  

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