Monday, September 24, 2012

Some Amazing Etchings

I've been in Cleveland, Ohio, for the last six weeks while my boyfriend did two medical rotations there.  On my last day in Cleveland, I finally got myself over to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Honestly I'm mad at myself for not going sooner because there was so much to see and I didn't get to it all in just one visit. 
On display was an exhibition by a British artist named John Taylor Arms.  He did amazing, detailed and gorgeous etchings of Gothic architecture in Europe.  His work is so precise and detailed, they even provided a magnifying glass to observe the etchings.  They were fairly small in size, roughly 9"x12" if I had to guess.  Some were smaller.  I would think it would be difficult to work much larger than that, given all the detail of the etchings.  I was so drawn to his work because I love his style and I love his subjects.  
I am absolutely fascinated by medieval history and it is one of my favorite time periods.  I've had the opportunity to travel a lot though Europe and see some old Gothic architecture up close.  And I want to see more.  Looking at his work, it was exactly the sort of thing I would love to do myself.  I took some photos, which I will share on here but I only had my camera phone, which isn't the best quality. And there is some glare from the glass but I tried to take the photos at angles that gave the least glare. So I apologize for the poor quality photos. 
I hope you enjoy these etchings as much as I did.  If you would like more information on this artist you can of course google him or go to Cleveland Museum of Art's website. 

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