Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Latest fun crafty project

We live in a furnished apartment, and among the many things it came with, drink coasters was one of them. Ugly, boring, plastic drink coasters.  Money is a little tight, not bad but going out to buy pretty new coasters when we already had some ugly useful ones wasn't a priority. BUT buying supplies to MAKE my own coasters? Well, that's a different story ;-) I had way too much fun making these and photographing different drinks on the finished products!

I bought some regular white roughly 4x4" ceramic tiles from the home improvement store in my town and some craft self-adhesive cork backing.  To adhere the designs to the tile I used Mod Podge, which is a brand of craft glue I brought with me from the US. To seal it completely, I used a clear coat, waterproof spray sealer. 


This tile's design is my own. I had the drawing on a piece of tracing paper that I did for another mini painting. I had painted the old sketch and outlined in black ink for fun. It was the perfect size to make the first experiment coaster. 

These ones are made from a piece of decorative paper I kept from when someone gave me a bouquet of flowers.  The flowers were wrapped in the paper and I always keep pretty stuff like that for projects like this. I just traced the outline of the tile around the parts I liked, cut them out and glued them down to the tile.

The sticky-backed cork was the perfect backing for these guys.

                                              Great for holding a glass of vino...


Some water.....

                                          Tea or coffee...

Or some nice, warm sake!

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