Thursday, November 14, 2013


This week, for our weekly art day, my friend and I decided to do some origami cranes.  There is an art supply store here in town that has mini cranes all over the store and it inspired me to try it.  I've never done origami before (unless you count making 'cootie catchers' in grade school lol) and I was stuck on doing cranes.  So my friend had a nice supply of colorful origami paper and we got to work.  

She had done these before, but a long time ago.  We set up a video tutorial on youtube which was awesome. I needed to see someone doing it, not just look at diagrams of folding paper in a book.  By the end of the day I had it down and didn't need to watch the guy do it anymore. I was so proud of myself ;-) 

We did two sizes, the larger crane with the piece of paper the size it came in and then divided some sheets in 4 to make the mini cranes.  (Note the cootie catcher in the right hand corner ;-)

Bright, colorful cranes :-)  

After finishing them, we started to string them so I could hang them up.  Before that though, I had to take some fun pictures in the bright sunlight!

Those shadows are so awesome. 

After this, I strung up the rest and hung them in the window. 

There were still 3 left over, so I hung them over my art desk :-)

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